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Giglio Associates joins Italian Co-operative

Giglio Associates Ltd reports today it has commenced working with Italian manufacturers in finest leather.

An associate business of the company “BlueMoon” imports “Made In Italy” goods to the UK under its own label created for the discerning taste. BlueMoon markets a range of exquisite leather jackets and accessories, of bespoke designs and of the softest materials. For more information contact Franco Giglio at


A Family Affair at GA

Giglio Associates Ltd is benefitting from keeping it in the family. A business development agency that knows how to capitalise on every opportunity, and maximise every benefit for our clients and equally for GA. From the fine older experience that matures and betters with age, to the enthusiastic, energetic, digital dynamos that are our young team members, GA has it just right!

Whether its developing or bettering your brand, innovating an idea, accelerating growth in your business, releasing your news or fighting a fire, GA is the team you need on your side. GA is a small company that gets everywhere it matters.

Debby Giglio Brings SSE Onto Everybody’s Radar

SSE Pipefittings Ltd has a lot to shout about. The company has a history going back more than 70 years in the butt-weld fittings industry. The engineering workshop is an amazing sight with some of the largest presses in Europe. Combine that with the skills, experience, knowledge and know-how among the engineers, as well as the advanced technical knowledge that Mike Robinson brings to the business, and it is small wonder that David Fullard has something to smile about, as he and Mike Robinson take the decision to unveil SSE, putting the company on the industry radar.

More than a butt-weld fittings manufacturer, SSE today is more an innovative solutions provider in engineering and the company has a great team with a strong ethic and commitment to quality. “SSE is rising up to the challenge, competing and winning business in new and demanding areas of the Oil & Gas Industry. The 70 years history is worthy of great respect, but the future just got very interesting for SSE Pipefittings Ltd” said Debby Giglio.

SSE Pipefittings gets submerged

SSE Pipefittings Ltd are venturing into the Subsea market. With technical upgrades and innovative advancements to the engineering workshop, Mike Robinson Technical and Operations Manager is completely satisfied that SSE can compete effectively and successfully in the demanding Subsea environment worldwide.

“Our ship-shape workshop and innovative advancements are keeping us at the forefront of the pipefittings industry. SSE quality has always been top notch and with our team commitment and drive to succeed, David Fullard and I are positive about the future” said Mike Robinson.

The SSE Pipefittings Storm

SSE Pipefittings are storming through to win major orders in butt-weld fittings.

In a short period the dynamic team has won 250K 5 D Bends for major export order; 100K Chemical Injection Skid destined for Russia and 200K order from Italy for Alloy 825 fittings.  It never rains but oh how it pours and this storm is brilliant news for SSE Pipefittings Ltd.

Diamond Sparkle

Imagine if everyone in your company, from CEO down to the janitorial staff, were assessed and coached in successful customer behaviors. Would that help create a competitive advantage? Would it make your company more streamlined and allow you to better do your job?

Diamond is a sales behavior assessment. The four axes of the Diamond Model® are:
1. Insight (into the customer, their markets, competitors, driving forces, etc)
2. Initiatives (good ideas well executed)
3. Customer Value (as the customer sees it)
4. Cadence (work rate & priority)

Has the executive team redeveloped your Branding, Positioning & Messaging piece? The flipside of this is the implementation by the field force. With Diamond, you know how closely your teams are aligned to these values by their month-by-month behaviors.

Is your company in turnaround or a new growth phase? Is your team up to the task of delivering these objectives? Diamond shows you where your teams’ strengths are for further leverage, and proficiency gaps where additional coverage can be provided.

How Diamond works:
1. Participant & manager both complete the 40 question survey
2. A comprehensive report is auto generated
3. The report highlights the agreed areas of strength for leveraging.
4. Differences between the sales person’s and manager’s view create “proficiency gaps”
5. These “gaps” become basis for discussion and instant improvement
6. Finally, the Diamond provides a consistent & continuous cycle of improvement

What behaviors make your top performers so outstanding? Are you learning their successful behaviors so that lessons can be applied across the team? What behaviors of the lower performers can be improved to enhance their results?

“When we were shown the Diamond, I saw potential. It didn’t take long: one extraordinary result was that we immediately won a $70M deal that otherwise would never have been on our radar.”
– Robert Ford, Regional Executive, NAB Major Client Group, National Australia Bank